Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adventure Now.

My life has been composed of a series of adventures. Not in the exotic sense of the word where I embark on long journeys to vast lands on a quest to discover and catalog every new species I come into contact with. I see adventures through the less glorious, entirely amused eyes of a twelve year old. My ventures would take me across town to the wilds of Turtle Park where I would ride one of those namesake metal turtles into the unknown lands of... the rest of turtle park. Since they were statues, my turtle would usually not take me so far as I would like, but drop me off with quite the walk ahead of me.
In summers I have explored every inch of my town on roller blades, bikes, or simple afternoon constitutionals, and I have, rather illegally, gotten to know the grounds of the golf course in the center of my town very well. Midnight tours and mid day adventures have allowed me to grow accustomed to the playground that is eighteen holes surrounded in a myriad of trees, ponds, and sidewalks.
As I grew older, theatrical fishing expeditions in makeshift lakes (pools of rainwater on the side of the road inhabited only by dirt), extended off-trail hikes, and distant ventures to the Grand Canyon and California without parental supervision, became my outlet for adventure.
And now I am eighteen, and my scope for travel has widened, my wanderlust has blossomed, and I am ready to face the world. High school has stopped me for four years, and I am afraid that four years of college will kill my desire to travel. Or even worse, I will have dreamed for so long, and studied for four more years to become a travel journalist, only to go out into the wild and discover that my hate of bugs does not overcome my desire to see the world. That would be a horrid realization and a waste of study. I need to be sure of my desires, and I need to rekindle my passions. So I have decided (even after getting into the school of my dreams!) to take some time off of college and visit some of the planet we call home.
Currently I am in Alabama, getting eaten alive by bugs, seeing more water and lovely green trees than I ever knew existed, and meeting some of the nicest, most polite, god fearing, sweet tea drinking people on the face of the planet. Next week I will take a stroll through Colorado, and then it will be off to work to fund my next great adventure.
On September Fifteenth I will leave Phoenix Arizona, the desert oven that I call home, and make my way south to Costa Rica! While in that beautiful land that is full of beautiful people I will be caring for my favorite animals, the two and three toed Sloths, and then help out at a Sea Turtle conservation project. I will be away from home and alone in the wild for two and a half months.
All my adventures will be recorded here.
And then, I will go to college.

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